IoT Business Council is a member-based intelligence firm that provides IoT advice and insights to help businesses grow revenue, improve efficiency and increase company value

We publish The IoT 500, the industry-leading global ladder of IoT’s most effective technology and service businesses.

Who is the IoT Business Council and what can it do for you?

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Machines can’t dream

People are concerned about robots. Ever since a computer system defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov 20 years ago, public perceptions of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) research have been defined in terms of high-profile competitions pitting human against thinking machine. Anxiety is high about what the ultimate consequences could be.

IoT Data – Rocketfuel for Disruption

At MWC 2017, I spent time talking with HVAC and Facilities Management execs about what the IoT will mean for manufacturers, FM companies and asset owners. It was clear that with the proliferation of new data, discontinuous and disruptive change was in the air.

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Invitation for applications for The 2018 IoT 500

If your business is manufacturing products, developing software or providing services for IoT you can submit to the IoT 500.


IoT Business Council is a member-based intelligence firm that provides advice and insight on how to extract business value from the IoT

Our data and insights help businesses understand technology developments from a practical and applied standpoint. We also publish the IoT500, the industry-leading ladder of IoT’s best businesses.

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